Charlotte Chef


A Personal Chef Service

Doesn't it always taste better when someone else does the cooking?














Imagine your guests gathered around in the kitchen as they watch Charlotte Chef

prepare as many as nine entrees.

This instructional Reception/Dinner Party will be

“The Party They Talk About”

It’s Entertaining, Instructional, Different

and So Much Fun!!!


Every 15 Minutes a different entree is being presented,

beautifully garnished on a large platter.


The guests will then sample the food that was just presented and re-gather to view the next entree being prepared


As the party progresses your guests will have sampled as many as 9 or 10 different entrees and they also will have learned how to make the food they tasted


Charlotte Chef shops for the food, brings all pots, pans & cooking utensils needed……


All you have to do is enjoy the show.

We even do the dishes and take out the trash

so there’s nothing for you to clean up

Realizing that every event has it's own unique requirements,

Charlotte Chef will custom tailor your event to meet your requirements.

Please Call To Discuss Your Menu and Pricing

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